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SprachKraft's Page for Women in a MINT environment and all others in male-dominated fields

It is hard to be a woman.
You have to think like a man,
work like a horse
and look like a young girl.

It is our aim to make you reach the potential that is in you and in your work. Usually, there is a lot more potential than you think. Many of our female clients are doubtful whether they really did everything right. These doubts are alien to many of our male clients.

Our experience, again and again, is that the ladies we are dealing with achieve great things - yet think they are nothing special. Some of our male clients think they are geniuses, some only begin to doubt that claim once we have started empowering their language.

If the results of your research and/or work are great, we will tell you just that. And we help you to write and speak about it in a self-conscious manner.

We especially like to deal with female clients in a male-dominated academic environment, like the MINT careers (Mathematics, Informatics or Computer science, Natural Sciences and technical fields).

Why? Well, among the Nobel Laureates in Physics of 2018 was Donna Strickland. She was only the third woman to receive that award in its history spanning more than 100 years, and the first one to do so since 1963. In Chemistry, much of the same: until 2018, there were 181 laureates, amongst them five women. The picture in Medicine is only a sliver better: 214 laureates, twelve of which female. In Economics, there have been 81 laureates so far, amongst them one (yes: one!) woman.