What the SprachKraft clients say

Bestanden - SprachKraft hat aus Ihrer guten eine sehr gute Arbeit gemacht, passed with flying colors

This is what some of the SprachKraft Clients say, in their own words:

Professor Daniela Rupp, Ph. D., then of the Institute for Optics and nuclear Physics of the Technische Universität Berlin, now an Assistant Professor of the Laboratory for Solid State Physics at the renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland:

"SprachKraft has helped to make my doctoral thesis more readable and easier to understand. I have also greatly benefitted from the remarks about my writing. I believe that the increased general understandability thus created played an important role in winning two scientific awards (LInk 1, Link 2) It has also been published as a book by now.

I am sure that SprachKraft will help many more scientists to clear the English language 'hurdle'."


Ralf Daniels, CEO of RiGO Drinks GmbH:

Picture of Ralf Daniels, CEO of RiGO Drinks

"At RiGO Drinks, we have benefitted from SprachKraft's competencies from the start. The team at SprachKraft manage to center their minds on brand and what the customers think. They complete assignments in no time at all and are sure to protect us from small language-hiccups. What's more, even though it's serious business stuff, working with them is real fun!"

Tobias Pfeil*, Cologne:

SprachKraft half Tobias Pfeil, die Bachelor-Prüfung doch noch zu bestehen / SprachKraft made Tobias Pfeil's bachelor's thesis pass

"I had put a lot of work into my Bachelor's thesis - and it flunked. SprachKraft came to the rescue. Their professional approach made me feel safe, my self-confidence came back. The new version of my thesis made the grade. I might add a Master to my academic career. In that case, I will work with SprachKraft from the beginning."
*not his real name


Axel Römer, Master in Physics at the Insitute of Solid State Physics of the Technische Universität Berlin:

Mandant Axel Römer, SprachKraft client that got the top grade

"The fact that the people from SprachKraft had not studied physics was actually hugely beneficial for me coming from that field. They could provide a refined quality and decisive input for my English language Master's thesis that received the top grade. SprachKraft checked my work from beginning to end as refers to grammar, style and form. The coaching was both personal and competent, they listened to my specific ideas, which made the success of my work perfect. I think back with a smile, remembering the personal contact and the patience they had with me. Especially when the deadline is approaching, it is good to have such professional help at your side."