SprachKraft means Language Power in both English and German

Do you want recognition for your academic work outside your home region? Having received your Ph. D., do you want to boost your career by working and/or researching abroad? Then you have to publish in English.

Or maybe you have to publish in German, and it is not your mother tongue. If you are unsure about your English and/or German skills, if you know all the technical terms of your field, but lack the English and/or German fluency to explain how they are all connected: This is exactly where SprachKraft can help you.

Or you are a businessman or -woman and ask yourself: "Do I need an English-language web site?" or "Is the language on my English language web-site good enough?" This is where we would like to come in to help. We also look through your "who we are"-sections or presentations, ad texts or standard text blocks for word processing with you and give you feedback.

We love dealing with texts in English. We write and speak proficient International English – English that is understood by native speakers and non-native speakers alike. And we have fun doing so. German is our mother tongue, so we can help you there "all the way". We look forward to talking to you about your work in both English and German – also if none of these two languages is your mother tongue.

We can also coach you on your presentation, academic defense, verbal exam or cross-examination in both English and German. We can work on your English or German expressions. We can fight your fear of public speaking, stage fright and other fears together. Or we can work on your expressions and your fears. Read Speak up!

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