Proofreading, editing - and more

We offer you
the big Plus of Language Power

SprachKraft or Language Power offers you a consistently high level of quality in proofreading and spell-checking. But we do so much more, we call it the big Plus of Language Power:

  • We follow your thoughts, because we want to understand your conclusions. We want to understand you and what you are working on.
  • Whenever we come across an area we do not understand, we make a note. Further on, we talk about these notes: was it because we lack your knowledge? Or could it be worded or depicted less complicated, more clearly, more precisely, in a more easily understandable way? These notes are the most valuable ones for our clients by far. Usually, they are so deeply involved in their research that they are surprised that their writing is not obvious to the learned reader, or that it could be understood in a completely different way.
  • We take pains to ensure the parts of your work that will be read most frequently are especially easy to read and understand. Together, we will identify and highlight these crucial sections of your text. We give them in-depth attention. We want to maximize the number of readers that understand your work.

And for all this, it does not matter whether you are writing a Bachelor's Thesis in Business, want to get a Ph. D. in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or some other natural science, whether you want to publish an article in computer science or want to become a professor of engineering. Usually, we are not "into" your field of study, but that only contributes to the big Plus. You may not even believe how often our "stupid" questions have helped to improve our clients' texts.

What SprachKraft also does:

  • SprachKraft optimizes your texts. In English and/or German.
  • SprachKraft ensures grammatical correctness and correct punctuation.
  • SprachKraft keeps your syntax and style in focus.
  • SprachKraft checks for typography and uniform typesetting.
  • Finally, SprachKraft looks at uniformity in terms. If you use two terms for the same thing, one is too much.

SprachKraft can do even more:

  • At your request, we also offer practice sessions in which you perfect your presentation, verbal exam, or cross-examination of your work, product or service. 
  • We can look through your presentation (slides) together and practice your presentation. Again in English and/or German..

What SprachKraft will not do:

  • We will not write your work for you. SprachKraft is not about ghostwriting.
  • We do not check for possible plagiarism.
  • We do not research or look up things for you. We regularly check footnotes for plausibility, however.

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