These are some of the questions we are frequently asked - the famous FAQs:

At what point in my writing process should I contact you?

We are happy to work with you at any stage of your writing. We can accompany your work from the beginning. You already have a "rough draft" or a table of contents? Splendid! This will make our working together much easier. If you want, we will be in touch with you every two weeks or so to find out how you are (progressing with your work).

If your work is already in a very advanced state, this is a good moment to talk to SprachKraft. When you could say your work is about 80 per cent completed, we can work in parallel. You can fill out some paperwork for your university or check on those last footnotes while SprachKraft is language polishing the work you’ve completed.

We also look at work you consider "done". Are you open to change? You might already have fallen in love with your work; you might have spent hours over a particular wording. We’re happy to point out the strengths of your text and will carefully point out revisions we would suggest to add clarity.

How fast is SprachKraft?

Let's look at a case: it in Monday, and your work needs to be turned in on Friday at noon. Is that possible?

SprachKraft is about thoroughness, not speed. Let us know your time constraints. When you need express service, we will work with you and agree on an "Express-surcharge". And yes, we have made that case possible.

That written. we will also be frank if we just cannot do it. We aim for a very high quality. If you have a 260 page-paper and expect us to edit and language-polish it in a matter of a couple of hours, we cannot possibly deliver the quality that you - rightly - expect from us. Which is why in this case, we would tell you: Thank you, but we would rather not have that business.

Do we have to meet in person?

We don't. However, experience shows it is advantageous if we meet in person for the initial interview. We can help you best if we fully understand what is important to you and how you "tick". We can best do that in the course of a personal meeting. If you would like us to coach you on the presentation, verbal exam or cross-examination of your work, there is really no alternative but to practice in person.

Will my work still be the same after you have 'language polished' it?

We make suggestions. You accept only those that you find convincing. It is your work, and it will stay just that.