What makes language powerful?

Look at these three pictures:

The thread

SprachKraft ist der rote Faden durch Ihre Arbeit, the thread through your work

SprachKraft makes sure your work follows the famous “thread”. We identify sections where we got lost along the way. And we will suggest alternatives that we think would prevent that from happening and/or that would strengthen your structure to make it more powerful.

Think about reading a text about a subject that you consider to be difficult. First, you might be a bit shy about reading it – it is a difficult matter. Then you start reading and find you can easily understand the author's thoughts, running like a thread through that text. In the end, you have understood the text that seemed so difficult in the beginning. A wonderful feeling! With SprachKraft, that is precisely the experience your readers will have.


Reading enjoyment

SprachKraft bringt Lesefreude, Language Power for reading enjoyment.

You have read those, too: dull texts, ones that you have to force yourself to read. Ballyhoo with no meaning and to no end, there is little to no content. SprachKraft is different. Excitement about something can be contagious - you have had that experience as well. Does your work (still) excite you? Let’s make that excitement contagious. What if you do not (or no longer) feel excited about your work? Then look at the second check on our specialties.

A glass of wine

SprachKraft - und Ihre Bewerter genießen Ihre Arbeit wie ein Glas Wein

We do not advise you to drink wine in the course of writing your work. At least not more than one glass.

Do think of the readers of your work, though. A knowledgeable reader might read your work in a comfortable armchair. He may enjoy a glass of wine in the process. SprachKraft sees to it that he will enjoy the clarity of the wine just as much as the clarity of your work. In other words: He will not feel the need to get up from his armchair to look or check up on something you wrote because he considers it to be odd. And he will not want some more potent drink to 'digest' your writing. When, upon finishing your work, he has enjoyed the wine, but your work even more, you win.