Our specialties

  • Scientific works: Bachelor's oder Master's Thesis, Doctoral or Professoral Thesis

  • Natural sciences, engineering or technical faculties: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicin, Mathematics, Computer Science, ...

  • English/German Texts

If you are currently working or planning on your doctoral or professorial thesis in natural sciences, engineering or technological fields or are (considering) writing an article in these fields, we really would like to talk to you. We are far from being experts in natural sciences. Believe it or not: that is good for you. We do not even know what the professional blinders of academics of your particular field look like, much less have them on. Look at our references.

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You benefit in two ways:

  • We have curious minds and find many, many subjects fascinating. Our clients are often taken aback by the fact that we are interested in the complicated things they are working on (or do research on), that we can follow up on their thoughts. If you have lost interest in your (scientific) work, talk to us. Chances are good that together we will find that interest again.
  • We speak and write proficient International English – English that is understood by native speakers and non-native speakers alike. Our mother tongue is German, but we have lived outside of Germany for a long time and are often taken for native English speakers. Which means we also know what it feels like if you're a non-German living in Germany. There are linguistic twists that make it obvious for knowledgeable readers that a text was not written by a native speaker. If that is true for your text as well, we point out to you what changes we would make.