We enable you to speak up!

You may have to defend your work academically. We will help you on that account, too. Additionally, we will put you in a position where you can explain your work to non-experts. And if you want, we will practice public speaking with you. We will show you how to take a strong stand, how you can reduce stage fright, how to make the best use of your voice and other "stage related" aspects.

Much more than 95 per cent of the people you meet outside of your workplace have not studied what you have. If you can talk to them and make them understand just what you are (or have been) working on, everyone wins: you and the people you talk to. We will enable you to do just that.

Imagine a party. A female carpentry professional approaches a young medicine student who she knows is working on his doctoral thesis. She asks: "So, what is your doctoral thesis going to be about?" - He says: "It will have the title: Differentiated catecholamine therapy in corrective surgery of congenital major heart disorders."

And that may already be the end of their chat. "Major heart disorders" or "surgery" might be all she understood. He does some medical things having to do with heart disorders and surgery. Is it possible his research is unethical, as he uses this hard-to-understand terminology?

Language Power to empower your language in any situation

The medicine student could also have said: "My work concerns children born with major heart disorders. Unfortunately, this is more common than most people think it is. I am looking at hormones that will make a baby’s heart beat again after surgery." She would then have a much, much better idea what he is working on. And it might be the beginning of a ... wonderful talk. She would think his research is valuable and important, she might even think he is a fascinating person. The respect he gets from the people around him who now understand what he is working on lifts his self-esteem. As do the radiant eyes of the carpentry professional that are now looking at him.

We will make you speak up. We will show you how you can talk so that others understand you - both professionals in your field and laypersons (those 95-plus-per-cent of the population).