How Language Power will empower your writing

SprachKraft or language power is more than proofreading or spellchecking.

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The big PLUS of language power

Take the famous Noam Chomsky quote:

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

Grammatically, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this sentence. The spelling and the punctuation are correct, as is the type-setting. And yet, this sentence is nonsensical.


Nonsense only slightly less obvious might escape an average proofreader. In most cases, they have not followed your academic career. If they are honest, they will even tell you that they are not able to follow your thinking. SprachKraft follows a different approach. You talk to one of us about your work for 45 minutes, so that we get a good grasp of your work. We want to understand you, your way of thinking, your conclusions and your message. Then, and only then, do we start to language-polish your writing.

Our understanding achieved in the course of this talk is also what enables us to discover the weak points in your wording, even if it is correct in all other aspects. However, our experience is that the parts of your work where we consider your wording to be weak are also the parts of your work where academically you are not entirely sure of your ground. In these cases, SprachKraft will suggest a re-phrasing of your text, so you will get a firm stand again academically – and it will empower your wording.