What Language Power will bring you?

Our clients say, SprachKraft brings them

  • better grades or ratings,
  • more attention,
  • more revenue, and
  • a boost for their career and/or their business.

Eh? You want a more detailed, academic, lengthy version? Here it is:

Chances are you have been brooding over your work, could be your thesis, for months or even years in libraries and/or laboratories. You have been neglecting your private life, you see, hear, smell and taste your work and your work only.

Now imagine a rocket launch consisting of three stages:

Rocket Launch - Stage One:

  • There is someone at your sice that might rediscover the enthusiasm you yourself once felt for your work until you somehow lost it. 
  • Someone to motivate you to turn in your work on time (or finally turn it in in the first place).
  • Someone who wants to understand your "professional-ese" or lingo and the details of your work.
  • Someone who will help you to make an academically brilliant work also one that stands out linguistically. 
  • Someone with whom you can rehearse whether you can talk about your work and explain its details. And someone with whom you can rehearse a presentation, academic defense, verbal exam, cross-examination, pitc etc.

Rocket Launch - Stage Two:

  • You get a thesis/work/paper/presentation that is not only scientifically correct but also stands out with its language.
  • You get a work that receives excellent grades and will be talked about favorably by your colleagues.
  • You will present your work with ease, pass the academic defense, verbal exam, cross-examination etc. with flying colors.
  • You will be able to communicate understandably to those outside your field just what it is you have researched on or discovered. If you are honest to yourself, you have always had trouble with this in the past.
  • Your work will be quoted more often, it might even be published in scientific publications. 

Rocket Launch - Stage Three:

  • You will improve your standing in your field.
  • Your self-consciousness will grow: you know what you can do, and you can talk to others outside your field about it..
  • You will receive a greater salary and speed up your career..

You are not alone. Many before you have been in the situation that you are in right now. We have helped many before and we can help you, too - just get in touch with us.