SprachKraft - a bridge to a better understanding!

SprachKraft - We empower your language!

The times are special. Climate change, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine drain a lot of your energy and power.

That makes it so much more important that your texts and/or your language are powerful. SprachKraft can be roughly translated to Language Power. We are there to help you getting your message across. 

We do so, for example, in

  • a scientific article or other publication
  • a scientific paper,such as
    • a Bachelor's Thesis
    • a Master's Thesis
    • a doctoral or
    • professorial Thesis
  • a discussion or position Paper
  • the texts on your web site, or in your advertising, both off- and online
  • a letter, a speech, a presentation
  • a press or media release
  • the texts in your annual and/or business report(s)
  • a multi-page application for a grant, subsidy or loan

and in both English and German. Being your experienced and neutral partner, we know just how language that is both widely understood and professional should be like.

You do what you do best: scientific research, measuring and metering, verifying or falsifying hypotheses. Then SprachKraft polishes your text to empower your written language. We will return your texts to you "spic and span" and highly polished.

SprachKraft means highly polished texts,

  • your target audience will understand you better
  • you will have more readers or followers
  • your work will be found in print and will be quoted
  • you will be noticed more often
  • your career will receive a boost.


Ms Daniela Rupp, one of SprachKraft's first clients, was appointed to be a professor at the Laboratory of Solid State Physics of the renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland - congratulations!

Your texts deserve as much attention as possible. They will get it with SprachKraft.

If you have to defend your work academically or go through a verbal exam, we are also there to help you. As your experienced and neutral partner, we just know how you will bring your knowledge across.

We are based in Berlin, Germany, but we operate in all of Germany and beyond.

Think of it as fine German engineering applied to language. Just get in touch - we look forward to you and your project!